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Complete Detailed SEO Analysis

Analyzed on 2021-07-24 08:08:35

About this Analysis

This is a specially targeted analysis of your site It points out the most important aspects in terms of user experience as well as search engine exposure that needs attention to start getting traffic and retained visitors.
We have created our own algorithm to score your site. After reviewing thousands of websites in our algorithm, we have noticed that a site which scores 75 and above must be already receiving search engine traffic with good social exposure. If yoursite is anywhere below 75, you need to start acting immediately to improve your website promotion.

Your website Score

Links on your website

This area is usualy ignored but holds great importance as to how many internal and external links your website has. The niche of your business and the external links flowing out of your website determines the importance of those external websites as well as the niche of your website.

This pie chart will show you the ratio of internal and external links on your analyzed page.

Link Structure

The Observations

  1. Title
  2. As Seen on TV Products at Discounted Prices

    60% Complete

  3. Keywords
  4. kymaro body shaper,wonder wallet,riddex,ahh bra,35 below socks,ove glove,copper fit,kymaro,rhonda shear,as seen on tv,seenontv

  5. Description

  6. As seen on tv products such as kymaro body shaper, wonder wallet, riddex, ahh bra, 35 below sock, copper fit, furminator deshedding,ove glove-Buy Now!

  7. Keywords in URL
  8. Excellent, keywords found in your URL

  9. Alt Tags
  10. You have 23 images without alt tags. out of 69 images on the page.
  11.  Alt tags needs immediate attention

  12. Facebook Likes
  13. You only have 0 Likes.Your facebook likes needs immediate improvement.

  14. Google Plus
  15. Your website is not shared on Google plus enough, they are only 0 , It is very crucial for ranking in google, make your content shareable, to speed up, join our social combo.

  16. Alexa Rank
  17. Your website has good traffic, your Alexa Traffic Rank is 0, you are on the right track. If you wish to expedite, join our social combo plan.

  18. Keyword Density:
  19. Body Text Keyword cloud showing the most and least used keywords on the page.

    Below are the keywords which are prominently used in your webpage. Kindly review them to make sure you are not using unnecessary keywords not relevant to your business.

    This is very useful to get a bird eye on which keywords are most prominently used on your page. So that you are not diluting the keyword density on untargeted keywords.

    products discounted prices buy items menu create navigation add main location super easy shopping favorite shop home women men health beauty garden misc contact select options quick view close kymaro body shapewear cart riddex pest repelling aid repeller ove glove oven mitt rfid wallet credit card wallets pack face mask cotton filter reusable washable socks sock unisex large dust ahh bra seamless sports alignment bunion kitchen tool basket brows eyebrow hair remover calf compression sleeve splint pain relief black cami secret clip mock camisole car slip silicone sticky gel pad reading led book light white earbuds airpods earphones bluetooth chargeable case electronic pedicure foot file battery usb facial epilator ean gigaware gps carrying hoeleen shaper ice scraper portable desk lamp mens slimming undershirt vest miracle copper padded panties underwear removable pads blue edge yellow pet deshedding grooming dog running leash hands free safety orange reflector size fits load loading shapers fastest safest inches important places lose weight amazing undergarments smooth rolls bulges giving simple sleek slender lost compares benefits features put wear clothing comfortable slims sizes minutes reshapes due loss muscle tone realigns spine posture fatigue level energy repellent ensure simply plug outlet effectively deal rodents roaches ants spiders pesky critters living space electromagnetic completely safe poisons harmful elements injury children pets sonic technology creates hostile environment pests don enter built night room dark small neutral color disrupt flow scheme nontoxic chemicals poison toxic chemical works dangerous patented drive hot surface handler great barbeque handling surfaces house projects dramatically extends time handle object tough exterior layer designed thermal insulator slow temperature increase soft double knit interior exposed open flame outer resistant melt superior heat hand protection safeguards intense material firefighters finger flexibility grip left degrees personal reach hold pictures licenses debit cards easily bags slot arranged sheets slots storage transparent stored blocker protects remotely scanned includes cash compartment checks dollar bills authentic leather holder flipped photo album place bag pocket access shade elegant suits genders condense stay organized genuine style design slim lightweight durable sheet license purse organizational clear viewing doctor celebrity talks product exercise component plan people work full complain hide extra pounds lunch party secrets jewish mother jill zarin announced hiding love handles grandmother kindly passed real housewives star mom proudly rocks suck customers reviews packaged lookbook stunning recommend order tristan bournemouth fantastic experience ordering extremely pleased quickly received tracking link updated regularly allowed identify parcel sanne cosima leicester dispatched hours delivery hassle returning couldn fault oliver swansea email protected address noble road cleveland links terms conditions shipping returns social facebook twitter search start typing categories policy scroll top

  20. Keyphrase found on your page.

  21. Single Keywords

    quick, view, cart, wallet, options, select, products, shop, glove, pest, home, shaper, easy, kymaro, black, super, riddex, ove, items, fits, features, card, repelling, men, cards,

    2 Keywords Phrase

    quick view,
    add cart,
    cart close,
    view add,
    select options,
    options close,
    view select,
    body shaper,
    kymaro body,

    3 Keywords Phrase

    select options close,
    view select options,
    easy shopping favorite,
    options close miracle,
    built night light,
    reusable washable quick,
    products health beauty,
    rfid wallet credit,

  22. OnPage Links
  23. There are total 192 backlinks found on your page out of which 1 are external links

    There are total 0 links without anchor text

    191 Internal Links

    35% Complete (success)

    1 External Links

    20% Complete (warning)
  24. H1 Tags
  25. H1

    What Doctor Have to Say

  26. H1

    Celebrity Talks About Our Product!

  27. You are not using H1 tags effectively Content used in the h1 are relevant to the page

  28. H2 Tags
  29. H2

    The Kymaro New Body Shaper

  30. H2

    As Seen on Tv Riddex Pest Repellent Aid

  31. H2

    Ove Glove Oven Mitt Hot Surface Handler

  32. H2

    Wonder Wallet – As Seen on TV RFID Wallet

  33. You are using H2 effectively Content used in the H2 are relevant to the page

  34. H3 Tags
  35. H3

    As Seen on TV Kymaro Body Shapewear

  36. H3

    Buy riddex pest repelling aid – As seen on tv riddex pest repeller

  37. H3

    The ove glove – As Seen On Tv Ove Glove Oven Mitt

  38. H3

    Buy RFID wonder wallet as seen on tv – Credit card wallets For Men and Women

  39. H3

    3 pack Face Mask Cotton 1 Filter Reusable Washable

  40. H3

    35 Below Socks-As Seen on TV sock – Unisex – Large

  41. H3

    4 Pack Face Mask-Dust Mask Washable Reusable

  42. H3

    5 Pack Face Mask – Dust Mask Reusable Washable

  43. H3

    Ahh Bra As Seen on Tv Seamless Sports Bra

  44. H3

    Alignment Sock – Bunion Socks

  45. H3

    As Seen on Tv 12 in 1 Kitchen Tool Basket

  46. H3

    As Seen on TV Kymaro Body Shapewear

  47. H3

    Brows Eyebrow Hair Remover-As Seen On TV

  48. H3

    Buy RFID wonder wallet as seen on tv – Credit card wallets For Men and Women

  49. H3

    Calf Compression Sleeve for Splint, Calf Pain Relief – Black

  50. H3

    Cami Secret Clip On Mock Camisole As Seen on TV

  51. H3

    Car Non-Slip Silicone Sticky Gel Pad – Black

  52. H3

    Clip on Reading LED Book Light

  53. H3

    EarBuds-Airpods-Earphones Bluetooth with chargeable case

  54. H3

    Electronic Pedicure Foot File – Battery or Usb

  55. H3

    Facial Hair Remover – Seen on TV Epilator USB-Battery

  56. H3

    Gigaware 4.3″ GPS Carrying Case

  57. H3

    Hoeleen Body Shaper Shapewear Black

  58. H3

    Ice Scraper – Ice Scraper Glove

  59. H3

    LED Portable Desk Lamp Light USB or Battery

  60. H3

    Mens Body Shaper Slimming Undershirt Vest

  61. H3

    Miracle Copper Socks-As Seen On TV Compression sock

  62. H3

    Miracle Sock – As Seen on Tv Compression Socks – Unisex

  63. H3

    Padded Panties Underwear and Shapewear – Removable pads

  64. H3

    Pet deShedding Tool or Pet Grooming Tool for Dog

  65. H3

    Running Dog Leash Hands Free – Black

  66. H3

    Safety Vest Orange Reflector Unisex – One Size Fits All

  67. H3

    Shopping cart

  68. You are using h3 tags effectively

  69. H4 Tags
  70. H4


  71. H4


  72. H4


  73. H4


  74. H4


  75. You are using H4 tag effectively

  76. H5 Tags
  77. You are not using h5 tags

  78. Your Page H Tag Structure













    Keep the H tag structure logical

  79. Good you are using Canonical url
  80. Its good you are using text attributes to highlight important content.
  81. Good you are using Sitemap file
  82. You are not using robots.txt file. Use it to control who can access your site.
  83. You are not using favicon. Use it helps in branding and differentiating your site from bookmarks.
  84. Good, we found a blog on your site
  85. Your page loadtime is optimal. Good Work.
  86. Your website is W3C Validated, Excellent
  87. Your website is missing a rel='Publisher' tag for linking Google+ Page.
  88. Great, you are using meta viewport to configure other displays
  89. Your website is missing language meta tag, This tag is particularly useful for non-english and multiple language websites. Search engines which indexes websites on base of language read this tag.
  90. You are not using Open Graph Protocol.

Things to do

  • Your website has very low traffic, act immediately to improve.
  • Your facebook like requires immediate improvement.
  • Your Google Plus shares are very low, you are ignoring a gold mine.
  • Linkedin shares needs improvement. Use share buttons on your content.
  • Pinterest Shares are very low, Pinterest shares generate a lot of exposure and traffic.
  • Emphasize on your facebook promotion to receive more user inputs, appreciations and comments.
  • Title of your website needs improvement.
  • Description of your website needs improvement.
  • You can use your keyword tags more effectively.
  • Your images needs relevant alt tags with targeted keywords.
  • Use italics attributes on your page.
  • Use em attribute on your page.
  • Use bold attribute on your page.
  • Use acronym attribute on your page.
  • Use abbr attribute on your page. (for HTML5)
  • Use dfn (definition) tag on your page if appropriate.
  • Use Robots.txt file. Robots file works as a gatekeeper, use it for your benefit.
  • You are not using Favicon.
  • You are not using Language Meta.
  • Add rel='Publisher' tag for linking Google+ Page.
  • You are not using Open Graph Protocol.

Common Todos

  • Set preferred domain (www/non www)
  • Remove Inline CSS
  • Keep text to html ration of atleast 2:1
  • Add Tweet Button
  • Add Facebook Share / Like Button
  • Add Google +1 button
  • Add an Apple Icon
  • Make sure website is responsive
  • Use Breadcrumb to display navigation structure with or without links
  • Use meaningful pagenames rich with keywords.

Your website needs immediate improvement

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