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This is a specially targeted analysis of your site It points out the most important aspects in terms of user experience as well as search engine exposure that needs attention to start getting traffic and retained visitors.
We have created our own algorithm to score your site. After reviewing thousands of websites in our algorithm, we have noticed that a site which scores 75 and above must be already receiving search engine traffic with good social exposure. If yoursite is anywhere below 75, you need to start acting immediately to improve your website promotion.

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Search engines have evolved, social status today holds a very important role in search engine ranking. External factors including the social exposure, the number of quality backlinks adds a lot of weightage to rank a website on the search engines.

This pie chart will show you the intensity of popularity over different social media network so that you can concentrate your efforts on the weak areas.

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  1. Title

    Waxloaded Blog - Home of latest free browsing and techs updates

    60% Complete

  2. Keywords

  3. Description

    Home of latest free browsing and techs updates..

  4. Keywords in URL

    Excellent, keywords found in your URL

  5. Alt Tags

  6. You have 64 images without alt tags. out of 82 images on the page.
  7.  Alt tags needs immediate attention

  8. Facebook Likes

    You only have 0 Likes.Your facebook likes needs immediate improvement.

  9. Pinterest Pins

    Pinterest Pins are great way of sharing content, your website is only shared 0 times on pinterest, make your content more shareable, join social combo plan

  10. Google Plus

    Your website is not shared on Google plus enough, they are only 0 , It is very crucial for ranking in google, make your content shareable, to speed up, join our social combo.

  11. Linkedin

    Your website is not shared on Linkedin enough, they are only 0 , It is very crucial for ranking in google, make your content shareable, to speed up, join our social combo.

  12. Alexa Rank

    Your website Alexa Rank needs improvement, Its  23067793 , The higher the Alexa Number, the lesser your site popularity.

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most of you must have seen duta on whatsapp where bot sen... enjoy glo 0.0k with new tweakware settings this particular glo unlimited browsing cheat has been around for a while now, those who got the post are still enjoying it,but in some case... get latest updates to your email !!! powered by helplogger recent posts recent posts widget your browser does not support javascript! subscription box get latest free browsing updates to your inbox follow us: ads like us on facebook waxloaded fanpage follow @waxloaded   blog archive blog archive july (13) august (29) september (41) october (41) november (26) download waxloaded apk for notifications of latest free browsing cheats and techs updates popular categories airtel (11) android games (6) android tips (49) browsing tweaks (22) download section (10) etisalat (9) glo (14) how to (18) mtn (20) network (1) pc tutorials (8) softwares (7) tech (12) copyright © waxloaded blog - home of latest free browsing and techs updates | designed by oyetunji oyedeji privacy policy || about us || contact us || site map || disclaimer || sponsored post free online counter
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    Below are the keywords which are prominently used in your webpage. Kindly review them to make sure you are not using unnecessary keywords not relevant to your business.

    This is very useful to get a bird eye on which keywords are most prominently used on your page. So that you are not diluting the keyword density on untargeted keywords.